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so, after using the Honor 20 for a little over a year, i wanted to review it. Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, and with all the controversy currently with China and Huawei’s participation in building the UK’s 5G network, i thought it was the perfect climate for me to voice my opinion of their product that i’ve been using since July 2019 from a (hopefully) objective point of view.

taken on my Honor 20


  • screen-to-body ratio & punch-hole camera maximises the display potential
  • curved edges of the screen and the glass chassis give a premium feel to the phone
  • camera placement on the back of the phone looks aesthetically pleasing adding to the premium theme
  • has a wide angle camera that allows for more to be captured within frame
  • has up to 10x zoom
  • charges fairly fast and battery lasts all day; i think a full charge takes between 1 to 2 hours; uses usb-c thunderbolt technology
  • water resistance is good (trust me, i dropped it in a pot of boiling water and pasta)
  • the Android skin used, Magic, is very minimalist and i really like the design and the features of the skin
  • gestures are simple and work very efficiently
  • fingerprint scanner is on the power button, which is really efficient, as this removes the necessity for the finger print scanner on a home button or in-screen scanner and i don’t need to reach as far
  • has facial recognition (as do many older Android phones, i really didn’t get the hype when Apple released phones with facial recognition, but i guess perhaps the technology hadn’t been very effective before??)
  • allows for floating windows for apps (although, due to the device being a phone, i find myself adjusting the placement of the floating window a lot)
  • relatively cheap for the features your getting and the storage (i think because i bought mine from mainland China it was cheaper, due to lack of transport fees and import and export taxes, but i bought the model with more storage, so 256GB and i think came to around £300)
taken on my Honor 20


  • a lot of apps are not optimised for the full-screen display that is offered by the phone’s hardware, and virtual bezels are created by the app
  • since the edged are curved around, the screen and the glass back of the phone protrude outwards, making it vulnerable to breakage
  • the panel with three cameras jut out, making it easy for dirt to collect (however, i understand that there may not be enough space for the cameras to be placed level to the back of the phone
  • colours come out different when switching between the wide angle and the usual cameras, the switch when videoing is obvious
  • the more you zoom in, the grainier the image (although, sometimes the grain can be quite aesthetic and give off a retro vibe)
  • no headphone jack
  • a lot of extra features of the system and mini-apps are Chinese orientated (note: i bought my phone from mainland China so this may only be true for phone purchased from China)
  • AI assistant, YOYO, only responds to Chinese (note: i bought my phone from mainland China so this may only be true for phones purchased from China)
  • lag between video visual and audio
  • minor brightness adjustments according to light level, despite the fact that i have my brightness level on manual manipulation, the phone still tampers with the brightness every so often when i’m watching videos and it can be quite annoying
taken on my Honor 20


i didn’t really know how to title this part of the post, and now i feel like i’m doing an essay of some sort…anyways: overall, i really like my phone, despite the fact that i cracked the front of my screen one or two months into using it, the functionality has been really good and i haven’t ran into any major problems since i started using it. as a consumer, i do like Honor and Huawei products…and if anyone from Honor or Huawei are reading this…i would really, reALLY like to try using the Huawei Matebook X Pro 2020 in Spcace Grey 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, because your gal really wants to get a new laptop for uni. i know i’m kinda very shamelessly asking a hypothetical person for a very expensive gift, but y’know, since it’s hypothetical and all :p

i hope you’ve enjoyed my rambling and have a good day :))

g e o r g i a n a

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