so, i almost cooked my phone…

h i

so, i promise this isn’t just click-bait, i actually almost cooked my phone. so here i was cooking my pasta, and i thought it look like it would make a good one second of that day, so i tried filming it, and then i just dropped it. into the pot. in that moment, i had one of two options: one, i could just brave it and stick my hand into the boiling pot of water and spaghetti; or two, i could get some chopsticks to fish out my phone. obviously, being the smart gal i am…i shoved my hand into the pot and rescued my phone.

now, when i dropped my phone, it was still playing music (I HATE EVERYBODY by Halsey I believe it was) and when i fished out my phone, let’s just say that it didn’t really sound like Halsey singing(and it wasn’t because the song had finished). i was obviously pretty panicked. i was running my hand that i’d just plunged into the boiling pot of water under the cold tap, whilst stirring the pasta pot and my brain was fried from trying to think of how i was going to fix my phone, without my parents noticing (note: if you are one of the said parents, please don’t butcher me, kind regards, your fragile daughter)

anyways, so i tried sucking on the speakers of my phone, which helped a little (and to those who are thinking “ew germs”, my phone was just in a pot of boiling water, i think the germs have been exterminated). i then took to YouTube. i was then instructed by TechyEdgy (note: i’m not affiliated with them, so you can click on the link without worry) to shake my phone very violently to get rid of the water in the speakers. i tried that, but it didn’t do much to help. i then browsed the comments and felt bad for the person who said they shook their phone as instructed then ended up cracking their screen on top of already having their speakers clogged with water (wherever you are Sgt-R Xmt, i hope you are able to find peace one day).

after feeling very sorry for that particular person, i tried using my brain again (whilst draining the spaghetti of water and adding in the tomato sauce). i came up with an ingenious idea, honestly, statues should be erected in my honour (note: the credit for that line goes to The Devil Wears Prada). i finished off making the pasta and then sprinted up the stairs two at a time. i opened the utility cupboard to reveal my saviour: the hoover (i’m British, so we call vacuum cleaners hoovers, but we also call them vacuum cleaners, but i mainly call them hoovers…anyways).

i turned the hoover/vacuum cleaner on and pulled out the handheld part of the hoover, i then held my phone over the opening and used my hands to block out the remaining space. i have a beautiful diagram below that took me way too long to draw (i honestly salute manga/manhua/manhwa/comic creators):

my amazing drawing skills

after i did so, my phone was revived and even the photocard of IU that i had on the back of my phone had survived, i literally felt so relieved.

so, yeah, that’s probably the most eventful event of my life, and i hope you enjoyed reading this. i hope you have a good day :))

g e o r g i a n a

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