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so, lockdown has made our everyday lives quite different. i for one was introduced to the world of online comics/mangas/manhuas/manhwas and then, by continuation, yaoi…but that’s a whole other world :p

my sister was actually the one who introduced me to Webtoons and then i just became slightly obsessed from then on. i’ll make sure not to include any spoilers, cause i hate getting spoilers myself :))

note: none of these links are affiliate links, they just take you to the contents page of each Webtoon :p

Eleceed [by Jeho Son & ZHENA]

Eleceed tops my list for sure. i just, wow, i love this comic, and even though it’s ongoing, i can just tell that the entire thing is a masterpiece. the balance between plot advancement and humour is just right. the characters are honestly…i really don’t want to spoil anything. the art is amazing. the characters are amazing. so, just go read it.

fun fact: the author revealed that Kang Daniel was the inspiration behind the MC (main character)

Weak Hero [by SEOPASS & RAZEN]

Weak Hero, omg, what a story. i luv. the feels are definitely there in the #TragicBackStory (i don’t count that as a spoiler, because, there’s literally always a #TragicBackStory) also, i just realised that the MCs for both Eleceed and Weak Hero have grey hair, i mean, they both are cute. the art is also amazing. there’s not much humour in the comic, bUT for some reason, i found quite a lot of it funny(??), i’m a bit weird at times. note: not really, a spoiler for the plot, but, perhaps a spoiler-ish, there’s a character who is reALLY fine when he ties his hair up.

Lost In Translation [by Jjolee]

okie, so *clasps hands together*, the art style is really unique, and i think it’s either a hit or miss with this art style. at first i was a bit on the edge, my sister didn’t like it at all, but in the end i persevered. the storyline is still developing (??) in my opinion, basically what i’m trying to say is, i’m liking where it’s going :)) note: the MC is precious, i wanna keep him in my pocket.

LUMINE [by Emma Krogell]

i think the cover image doesn’t showcase the author’s art style in all it’s glory. the art is adORABLE in this Webtoon. and i just live for the MCs’ relationship. i just wanna keep them in my pocket. the feels are there. the humour is there. the art is there.

Let’s Play [by Mongie]

for this Webtoon, i have an ending that i really want to happen. and if it doesn’t happen…i don’t know what i’ll do. this is quite a light-hearted Webtoon, and it’s really quite cute, the art is quite cartoon-y. tbh, i really don’t know what to say for this one in order not to spoil anything. go read it 🙂

Purple Hyacinth [by Ephemerys & Sophism]

wowie, okie, so i actually haven’t read this Webtoon since the first season finale, bUT, i can still say with confidence that it’s reALLY good. i would say that this one has less comedic elements (in comparison to the other Webtoons on this list). this one keeps you on your tOES. so, yeah, oh and the art is beautiful as well :p

Rebirth [by Michi]

Rebirth, okie, so i haven’t caught up yet with this one either (i’m really not doing a very good job am i?) bUT, it’s been really interesting so far. i would say there aren’t many comedic elements in this one, the art style is also slightly stiff in places at the beginning, but that’s just me nit-picking :p

and that’s it really, i just realised there’s not much i can recommend that isn’t yaoi. i’m sorry. i’ll probably make a list for my yaoi recommendations. i also just realised that all of these are from Webtoon, i was going to recommend some other stuff from other platforms, but i dropped most of them due to lack of interest, so i didn’t want to recommend…

anyways, i hope you have a good day!!

g e o r g i a n a

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