why you should watch Avatar: The Last Airbender

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okie, so ATLA fans would know that the Netflix live-action version of ATLA (Avatar The Last Airbender) was due to come out this year…but because of COVID-19, we have to wait (im)patiently for a little longer.

Avatar The Last Airbender" - Netflix Release Date, Cast, & Spoilers
teaser image for the ATLA live action

in the meantime, we can just rewatch the original ATLA, whilst denying the existence of the ATLA movie…that was obviOUSLY NEVER MADE. sorry.

The Last Airbender | Volledige films, Filmposters, Film
the movie which never existed

since the beginning of this year, i’ve been trying to convince so many people to watch ATLA because it’s a great show, and everyone should watch it (not an opinion). so, here i am today to try and convince YOU why we need YOU to watch ATLA (did the direct address tactic work?? did it make you feel more compelled to watch ATLA?? no? okie, i’m sorry)

reason 1: there’s actual character development

and i’m not just talking about the main character or just one singular character, all the characters develop (for better or for worse) and i just find that beautiful. like name me a series with better character developments, i won’t wait because there never will be one.

reason 2: it teaches you how to be a good person

like seriously, when i rewatched the English version of ATLA in quarantine (i tried watching it in Spanish to improve my Spanish, but all that accomplished, was me now knowing the opening sequence in Spanish), i realised the series really showcases some quality morals (i really dunno what i’m on right now). the series touches on some fairly hush, hush topics, such as sexism and corruption (yes it’s a kids show), and provides some really mature viewpoints that we can all learn from (wow, i sound really pretentious, i’m sorry). honestly, if i ever have children, i’ll want them to watch ATLA

reason 3: the humour is top notch

okie, so this is probably (definitely) subjective. but pErsOnalLy, i think ATLA is hilarious. i really, reALLY want to put a bunch of memes or jokes here, but i hate spoiling things and that would just be too mean.

reason 4: the concept is fricking cool

i really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t watched ATLA, but honestly the whole concept is so cool. also, can we have a moment for the animals in the series (and i’m not just talking about Appa and Momo), but when the Gaang found out that The Earth King had a pet bear, i cackled (if you’re feeling left out, go watch ATLA to find out wtf i’m going on about).

reason 5: because Iroh

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Iroh Is the Unofficial Avatar | CBR
can i keep him?

everyone needs an Iroh in their life.

okie, and that concludes my mini essay about ATLA, honestly, i know i’m probably not being very convincing, but i really just don’t want to spoil such a good show for anyone (because that would be a crime that is punishable by death, i’m kidding…), and just go watch it. take my word for it. you won’t regret it :)) i’m pretty sure it’s on Netflix, but there’s probably a Reddit on where to watch ATLA if you don’t have Netflix.

i hope you have a good day :p

g e o r g i a n a

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