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since the start of the lockdown, i started watching a lot more content online. i think i finished Pinocchio (the Kdrama on Viki) in around 5 days ish, and i also rewatched W: Two Worlds, but this time with my family (note: Lee Jongsuk is so pretty, i can’t). anyways, i also started watching Youtube a lot more, and so i wanted to share some of my favourite channels that i think you’ll like (based off of what i think you guys like from Pinterest).

note: all of these are just channels that i like to watch, i am in no way affiliated with any of them


i really love her channel, everything is sO aesthetic, and the lo-fi, chill music with the ASMR-ish food & notetaking is just *chef’s kiss*. She also provides free templates that she uses to note take in her descriptions!!

  • minimal aesthetic
  • study tube & vlogs

A-Hong, Paper log

i must admit, i think i have a kink for i-pad pro note taking & journalling (i’m joking…ish). but seriously, the ASMR of the Apple pencil on the paper-like screen protector…i could listen to it all day. moving on from the auditory side of things, her actual digital journal is insANE, i would pay good money to look at her journal entries displayed in a museum, honestly, i would. she also provides her templates for Goodnotes (where she journals) for free!!

  • minimal aesthetic
  • digital journalling channel

Nino’s Home

my friend actually sent me the video that i’ve linked, and i’ve been watching him (& his cat) ever since. storytime: my friend made the souffle omlette and then realised that she doesn’t even like omlettes that much. that’s the power of Nino right there. i’ve also tried this recipe (roughly), i think i added a bit too much sugar when i tried to make it, and i ended up eating it as a pudding instead. also his humour is top notch (in my opinion).

  • kawaii & minimal aesthetic
  • cooking & AMSR channel
  • his cAT


i find her family so endearing and i think she’s hilarious (although, i’m easily amused, if i’m being honest). i’ve realised that most of the channels i’ve listed don’t have a lot of talking, nor do they show their faces (most of the time) but i think that adds to the aesthetic tbh ;p

  • minimal, everyday aesthetic
  • food, study, vlog channel


she does a lot of real time study-with-me videos, personally i feel like i would be too distracted the aesthetics to actually study at the same time as watching the videos (i’m easily distracted, i literally can’t even listen to music whilst i’m studying, unless it’s to block out even more distracting noise). but literally everything, is sO aesthetic.

  • minimal aesthetic
  • study-with-me & vlogging channel

하루한끼 one meal a day

the aesthetics, the food, the ASMR. this channel has it all. ngl, i didn’t realise how big this channel was until i looked it up for this post, but honestly, they have a lot of recipes and it all looks really good as well. imagine being able to cook aesthetically.

  • minimal, wooden aesthetic
  • cooking ASMR channel

이욜 eyol

this channel is the epitome of chill, everyday aesthetic living. she’s also quite funny. i’m also 92.6% certain that she’s a Yoongi stan, so she gets full marks in my books.

  • minimal, everyday aesthetic
  • vlogging, studying, food diary, cooking channel

Cooking tree 쿠킹트리

they have so!! many!! recipes!! i reALLY want to try making the vanilla rice cake ice-cream. my sister & i love mochi ice-cream, so i really want to try making it myself.

  • pastel aesthetic
  • cooking ASMR channel

소람 soram

she does study vlogs and journalling, and her notes are absolutely stunning, i would honestly print out her notes and stick them on my wall.

  • kawaii, pastel aesthetic
  • study vlogs, journalling channel


  • I-LAND on crack compilations: i don’t know how many Sunghoon ships i’ve seen at this point, like i swear he’s getting shipped with everyone
  • Stray Kids on crack comilations: i don’t think i know the members well enough yet, but honestly, they seem like a bunch of really good looking crackheads
  • Tiny Tan: okie, i know this isn’t really like a “topic” as such, but they’re too adorable, i can’t not include them
  • the Marvel cast roasting each other: this may cause some anger from people, but i think i enjoy watching the marvel cast bickering more than the actual movies…
  • spellbooked: this is actually a channel; i love a good Potter compilation and they make such quAlitY compilations
  • Q2HAN: omD, these two are too cute, if i could keep them in my pocket, i 100% would

okie, so that’s about it (for now), if i find any more channels that i really like, i’ll make sure to add it to this list :))

hope you have a good day!!

g e o r g i a n a

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    1. Hi Beth!! I’m so sorry!! I haven’t really been checking in with my blog recently, and I only saw your comment now!! Thank you so much for your love and support!! I don’t really know what else to say apart from thanks…because I really do mean it: thank you <3<3<3


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