huawei matebook x pro

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i know, i know, it’s been a while since i’ve posted (like, 4 months?…), i’m sorry!! i’m not going to try to make any excuses, because i think that’s pointless so, i’ll just get onto the reAL reason for this post: my brand, spanling new Huawei Matebook X Pro 2019 512SSD 8GB 13.9 inch, i7 with a NVIDIA (i think that’s right??) graphics card.

i’ve also made a (lowkey crackhead) unboxing video for this laptop here:

(if i’ve gotten any of the specs wrong please don’t murder me, i’m currently writing this at 2 am on christmas day, because i thought it would be a nice christmas surprise for you guys😅, and i really cannot be bothered to look it up right now…could i have looked it up in the time it took me to write this bracketed paragraph?? probably, but i’m just gonna ignore that right now)

why i wanted him…

at this point, you may be thinking “why did you get this laptop?” basically, my old laptop, starting to get a little iffy. i think it all started when i installed BlueJ (an IDE for Java- basically just a programme where i can code in Java), and it caused the control keys to gradually stop working. at first, they wouldn’t work on start up, but if i press them enough times, they would start working again. but then at some point, they wouldn’t work even after (violently) pressing the control key countless times.

now, this would’ve been fine, but the loss of my control key also meant i could no longer upload my work onto OneNote, since my OneNote couldn’t access my copy clipboard (this might also be due to how old my laptop was, but, honestly, i have no idea).

basically, to summarise, my parents thought that it was time i got a new laptop.

and, let me tell you, i had been eyeing up the Huawei Matebooks for a while now (can you blame me though?? where have yous seen a prettier windows ultrabook?? please tell me, because i certainly haven’t a nicer design…visually at the least). in the end, we settled for the 2019 intel 8th gen (i believe) i7, since the price was more reasonable for the hardware in it (at the time we bought it, as of right now, i think amazon made some extra price cuts, so it’s even cheaper now).

first impressions

when i say first impressions, i mean literally from the point when i laid eyes on the parcel that was waiting for me when i got home from school. i know this has nothing to do with the actual laptop, but the delivery was faster than expected, which made for a very nice surprise. the box in which the laptop was delivered in was very minimal and aesthetically pleasing which made me just want to rip the packaging immediately.

when i opened the first box, the first thing to strike me was that the sticker placement of the tab to pull up the top of the inner box was skewered (completely unrelated to the sticker placement, but i struggled wAYY too much when i was trying to open that box). There was also something…missing(??) from the design of the box. admittedly, it was very sleek, but i think the rose gold lettering on the box, really made it look less premium(??), i’m not sure, it might just be that i wasn’t expecting the box to have rose gold lettering…i’m getting side tracked.

when i opened up the laptop, the first thing i noticed was that the stickers on the laptop itself were also skewered. they weren’t drastically out of place, but they were definitely not straight. so, my first instinct was to take off the stickers.

biG mistake.

one of the stickers labelled “Huawei share” actually has a coil under it and is placed on top of a semi-conductor(??), idk, it looked like some sort of metallic strip that i assume helps with NFC connections.

i think if Huawei were to expect customers to use the Huawei share sticker as a NFC tag, the least they could do would be to stick it on so that it’s straight. they clearly, realised how flawed this design was since, the nfc connection in the matebook x, released this year (i believe), is now conducted through the trackpad.

another thing i noticed when unwrapping the device was the lack of grates (is that what you call them??) on the bottom of the laptop, for heat dissipation. i think i just assumed that most laptops had grates, either way, i was quite alarmed when i didn’t see any. after looking more closely at the chassis, i realised that there’s a slit 3mm to 5mm wide on each side of the laptop for removing hot air (at least, that’s what i’m assuming, because if they’re not, then that really wOULD be very alarming).

aside from the dodgy sticker placements, the user-unfriendly(??) design of the NFC connection and the hidden heat removal system, the laptop was very visually pleasing (63% of the reason why i wamted the laptop), lots of people say that Huawei’s basically making a windows version of the Macbook (i mean they’re not wrong, it’s called the Matebook for crying out loud- although, Huawei seems to like to add a lot of redundant extras to their names as well such as “x pro”, “x”, “signature edition”, etc), but i don’t see this as a bad thing.

before the Matebooks were released, i think the Dell XPS series were dubbed the windows versions of the Macbooks (i don’t know if that’s true, and again, i think it’s very subjective, but that’s what i kept reading on tech sites), but personally, i feel like the premium aesthetic was never there. so when the Matebooks came out, i was so happy that my parents hadn’t bought me a new laptop sooner (side note: i’m also very glad my parents let me get the 2019 version, because i am really not a big fan of the Huawei logo on the 2018 version. it’s ugly, no offence Huawei).

review after 9 days

Huawei Share & Multi-Screen Collaboration

so, my main concern when i started using the laptop was whether i would still be able to use the Huawei Share feature, since i have an Honor device that supports Huawei Share (lowkey tempted to write a post about Honor’s “split” from Huawei because, this braincell is really invested into the Huawei/Honor ecosystem- please breifly ignore the fact that i own airpods and thirst over ipad pros on the daily). in all honesty, i’m glad i decided to rip of the tag without even trying to see if it works (my unboxing video illustrates how it went down), because then i have nothing to compare my current connection process to (except for all the youtube unboxings of matebook x pros…but we ignore those). thw multi-collaboration connection establishes very quickly and, basiaclly, seamlessly. the integration of screen sharing and file transfer makes life sO MUCH easier for me (can you tell that i really like the multiscreen collaboration feature?)


i mention this in my unboxing video as well, but i’m very undecided on the keyboard (although, i think i’m leaning towards liking it right now, since i’ve been typing non-stop in bed for an hour now, and i don’t feel any discomfort).

basically, the travel on the Matebook is quite shallow in comparison to the travel of my old keybaord, and the keys are also quite damped. this doea make for better comfort for the user when typing for extended periods of time, but the shallow travel and added dampening makes typing a little unsatisfactory (as in i don’t feel as accomplished when i hit enter on my new laptop as i did on my old laptop). that said, i think i’ve already become pretty accustomed to the keyboard on the Matebook and i’m not sure whether i would change the design. idk, i’m still undecided.

on another note, the keyboard has two brightness settings for backlighting which is something i’m very happy about (my old laptop didn’t have backlight). i’m honestly not sure why i’m so obsessed with backlight, since i’m trying to learn how to touch type, and backlight kind of defeats my purpose, so i’m not sure, but i do like it (i’ve got it on now as i’m typing this).

last point i promise, even for someone with small hands, the spacing of the keys are actually really good. aside from the condensed up and down keys (i keep pressing the down key when i’m try to press the up one), the spacing of the keys makes typing really comfortable and i don’t find myself stretching my hands (too much- i have snall hands, okay? i’ve tried keybaords which are sO much worse) and since i think i’ll eventually learn where the up & down keys are, overall, the key spacing is pretty good :))

Heat Dissipation

so far, i’ve not encountered any problems with heat dissipation, although i haven’t tried any CPU/GPU heavy tasks on this laptop yet, i wanted to play dragon city (which isnt that taxing of a game on a GPU, but hey ho, it’s a game) but the game won’t let me use my google account to connect, so i can’t :(((

one thing i have noticed is that the laptop gets warm quite easily, but then it just stays at this warm temperature constantly. it’s also very far from hot. on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is room temperature and 10 is boiling water, it’s somewhere around 1 to 1.5, porbably closer to 1 (yeah, i’m not sure if that’s helped to clarify anything, but i tried).


i’ve only used my laptop at home, so i haven’t really had the chance to properly ‘test’ the battery life. i try my best to take care of my gadgets (cause tech is pretty expensive and your gal isn’t made of money (unless you count my organs…). that said i did make a massive crack on my phone screen after two months of getting it, but this is black history that we do not talk about… anyways, to take care of my batter health, i used the setting thaf allows battery to be only charged up to 70% and then i try to recharge it once it hits 20% (at the time of writing, i’m currently running on 16%, so not the usualy 20% i aim for- also, hopefully i’ll finish this before it runs out of battery). by cycling the battery like this, it’s better for battery health that way (i’m sure if you google it, you’ll find articles/experiments about this). i also have my laptop on battery saver mode all the time, so the battery lasts me quite long, but i don’t think i can really judge it until i have a proper day in which i need to constantly use my laptop.

side note: don’t charge and use your laptop at the same time, it’s bad for your laptop (unless, of course you have a removeable battery and take that out whilst plugging your laptop in when using it, in which case, you’re all good (~‾▿‾)~)

Screen & Display

i’ll be honest, i have no idea what the maximum brightness is for this laptop (412 nits is coming to mind, but i have no idea where that number comes from- if that sounds ridiculous, then i’m sorry), so far i haven’t needed to use this laptop under full sunlight (thank god), but i have had reflections of my window getting in the way of me seeing things; i can still see them, but the light does distract me. so, i’ve bought a matte screen peotector (which is either still on some warehouse in China or making it’s way towards my house…). i also thought it would be nicer to not have any fingerprints on the display, so…

i don’t have much to say about the touch screen, other than the fact that i can screenahot easier with the geastures, i thknk that’s a pretty nice feature, but i haven’t really made use of the touch screen yet, so there’s not much else i can say ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

i know this is probably quite a common feature (i’m just assuming this though), but i really like the fact that there’s an eye protection setting for display and also the night light for the display to be easier on the eyes (currently in use). i’m shortsighted (and my prescription keeps getting stronger) so, i try to take care of my eyes through using these settings ƪ(‾.‾“)┐

i hear a lot of people praise the 2:3 screen ratio saying they can see a lot more on the screen, personally, i can’t really tell any difference, probably because made a habit of resizing documents/web pages to fit more on the page. it’s become a natural instinct for me whenever i split screen with documents & webpages and i still do it on my new laptop…so idk. one thing that has been really noticeably different about my new laptop is how slim the bezels on this thing are. they are sO slim. i noticed it when i first unboxed it, but it didn’t really sink in how slim they were until i went into my mum’s bedroom and saw the size of the bezels on her laptop from work, and they just look massively put of proportion, even though they were just normally sized bezels (at least i’m assuming so, i’m not sure…).


one of the key features that Huawei seems to highlight for this laptop, is the Dolby Atmos sound system. i’ll be honest, i’m not really that well versed in sound systems, but i do know that Dolby Atmos is supposed to be good (i mean why else would Huawei think it’s a selling point??), no but seriously, i think Dolby Atmos sound systems are supposed to me more immersive & realistic (??) i’m not sure. i have played some music a few times using my laptop and the sound is very crisp and the speakers can project sound far

one thing i am worried about is the placement of the speakers. they’re either side of the keyboard and i’m worried i’ll accidentally spill something into the speakers. i believe that they’re supposed to be spill resistant (i think i read that somewhere in an article, but at this point i have no clue whether it was for this laptop or some other random device, so don’t take my word for it), but the spilling thing is more of a ‘me’ problem, although it couls potentially be a deaign flaw, depending on how clumsy the general population is in comparison to me ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌.

The Pop-Up Webcam

oh, has this been a hOt topic for a hOt second. the amount of times i’ve read about “the controversial placement of the camera” is actually ridiculous.

in my humble opinion, when considering the context this laptop was designed in, the placement is great. i don’t know about you, but pre-covid there was no reason why i would need to use my webcam. none at all. and so i would put some aesthetic-ish sticker over my webcam to stop the FBI agent who’s stalking me from seeing my face (although, through this logic, i should’ve also put a sticker over my phone camera as well, but, oh well, no one acTUALLY cared about the FBI agent stalking them). my point is, the webcam was becoming redundant anyways, so the new camera placement meant that i don’t need to use a sticker to cover my webcam to act like i care about my privacy (cause let’s be honest, if you use google, or just the internet in general , which you clearly do, you have no privacy, case closed), and even when i did use my webcam, the problem of the camera looking up my nose was easily resolved by putting my laptop on a pile of books. it really was not that difficult of a problem0.


overall, i’m really happy with my new laptop/boyfriend (i announced our relationship in my video), and i really don’t know what else i should say, because i’ve rambled enough up there.

if you’ve read it this far, you’re either really into technology, a really sweet human, or you really have nothing better to do (in hich case, snap!! lol). i hope there are no glaring mistakes in this post and that it all makes sense (since my brain is getting pretry mudddled at 4:30am, i’m praying that my parents never read thia, causw thwy would kill me if they knew)

im sure you’ll be glad to know that my battery has pulled through and i haven’t needed to charge it yet (although, it is pretty low at 9%).

all i have left to say is: happy christmas!!🎅🎁🦌⛄🎄and thank you so much for reading!!

b y e b y e

g e o r g i a n a

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